Is this your first visit to the Sports Fan Outreach Int’l site?  If so, here’s some tips on how to easily navigate it.

First, you’ll find answers to your questions about the ministry under the Welcome column,

Second, you’ll find information about upcoming trips under the Events column.  The events are listed in their annual chronological order.  This means that the trips are listed as they happen in the calendar year.  If an annual event like the NBA All-Star Weekend has already happened it will have the designation ’18 beside its name while the events yet to occur will still have ’19 by their name.

Third, toRegister for an event look under the tab entitled “Events: July-Dec”. At the bottom of the options you should see the word “Register“. Click on it to go to the “Registration” page.

This is the page for all registrations for all events.  Once you register your profile will be kept on file so the next time you want to participate in an event you simply email Hannah at indicating the event you want to attend.

Fourth, under the “Blog, media, training, etc.” column are the ministry’s pictures and videos; the blog with event updates, profiles of evangelists, information about SFOI and articles; also included are pages for the SFOI Magazine, store, fundraising training, Melaleuca which is a means for an evangelist to fund his trip and the education options.

Fifth, the “Donate, pay, store, etc column is where all contributions and event payments are made including the opportunity to “Sponsor An Evangelist” which is where you give towards to registration fee so an evangelist(s) they can participate in an event(s)