SFOI is looking for ten men who believe they are called to evangelistic work or who have a passion for souls to hear the Gospel to spend the three days proclaiming the Gospel to the NCAA College Football Championship fans.

Pray now about joining SFOI to preach the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ at the College Football Championship being held January 11 – 13, 2020 in New Orleans [future locations, Miami, Indianapolis, Los Angeles, Houston].

The game is being held at Mercedes-Benz Stadium. Kickoff is 8:00 PM EST on Monday, Jan. 13th.

There are several official events held each day and we’ll look for the largest crowds at the events listed. Here’s the official events: CFC Events.

Location of Event: New Orleans, LA

Event Leader: Bill Adams. 

Dates: January 11th – 13th, 2020

Ministry Schedule:

  • Saturday: Noon – 8:00 PM.
  • Sunday: Noon – 8:00 PM
  • Monday: 11:00 AM – 8:00 PM.

Accommodations: YWAM House. Reservations begin on the 11th and end on the 14th.

Airport pickup: Yes. Email Hannah your itinerary at info@sfoi.org.

Meals: On our own. Not included in the price.

Speaker(s): TBA. 

Cost: $45 for lodging.

Payments: Click here to make a payment: CFC.

Registration information: this event is for men.

Next Step: Register by clicking on the SFOI logo below. Once you register and are approved you will receive further information including but not limited to an event waiver and payment information. You will also be asked to submit a bio and picture to be posted on the event pages.

Questions about how SFOI works: If you have not previously participated in an SFOI outreach then visit these pages to help you understand the work of the ministry: SFOI Distinctives; the goal of SFOI;  what to expect at an SFOI eventSFOI Vision and Mission statementsRegistering for an event.

Pray now about joining SFOI to preach the Gospel to world of NCAA Football.

Click here to go to registration page.

Ministry Team

Bill Adams – Chattanooga, TN

Bill Adams was raised in the church, Baptist and Methodist, and has never in his life not known of or considered God in his life. In 1988 upon graduation from Belmont University’s Masters in Business program the Lord called Bill to follow Him. That began a 30 year journey of following Jesus Christ and growing in the grace and knowledge of Him.

In 1995 the Lord called Bill to begin to go into the highways and hedges to preach the Word and in 2000 Bill became a full-time evangelist.

In the early years Bill preached at seemingly every concert, sporting event, parade and festival in Atlanta and simultaneously the Lord led him to travel to major sporting events like the Super Bowl, Final Four and Olympics to preach.

In 2007 Sports Fan Outreach [SFOI] was born as an effort to bring more Saints with him to preach at these sporting events and now through the SFOI George Whitefield program Bill is seeking men who believed they are called into full-time evangelism to join him to saturate the Western World with the Gospel.

Over the years millions of souls throughout the Western World have heard the Word through Bill’s preaching and the great delight of his life is knowing and preaching Jesus Christ crucified.

Bill is a confessing evangelical Anglican based on the 1662 Book of Common Prayer of the Church of England, he is a commissioned evangelist of the Diocese of the Central States of the Reformed Episcopal Church which is part of the Anglican Church of North America and is presently enrolled in the Masters of Theology program at Union School of Theology headquartered in Oxford, England.

You can read Bill’s personal theological thoughts here: Bill Adams’ Theological Writings: Views from an Evangelist.

Find Bill on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/sportsfanoutreach

Jon Clement – Grants Pass, OR

Jon Clement grew up in Portland, Oregon and attended Catholic church as a child. He was a typical baby-boomer child of alcoholic parents, got into the usual trouble unsaved kids get into, due to sin. He attended various churches in his early 20s, but didn’t become saved until 1994, through a Baptist Church in Klamath Falls. After hearing sermons on sin, Hell, the wrath of God, and judgment, and that God could save him from his sins through Jesus Christ, he cried out to Him on the evening of January 22, ’94.

He immediately began witnessing to others about what Jesus had done, but with no real effective evangelism training. Jon “lead several people to the Lord” , only later to find they were only false converts. His passion and burden for lost souls grew over the years, but it wasn’t until his friend Greg Beals introduced him to Biblical evangelism via The Way of The Master, using the Law before the gospel, that he began to understand more about evangelism.

In 2008, Jon began a Facebook page called RV Rogue Valley Saltshakers as a means to keep evangelistic friends in touch with local outreaches. Since then, the page has been used to post helpful evangelistic and apologetic articles, videos, and even memes to communicate Biblical truth, as well as continuing to post events and invite saints to participate in outreaches at fairs, concerts, abortion outreaches, LGBT outreaches, and evangelism related training events and classes.

Jon has had a few opportunities to open air preach, and has grown more excited about it in the last year, after attending Living Waters’ Ambassadors Academy in August, where he received some great training and coaching by the staff. He hopes this SFOI NBA outreach will be a great time of growth in the area of open air preaching, by observing more seasoned preachers in action.

Jon has been married to Leanne since July of 1998, and they have a 2 year old chocolate lab puppy named Chelsea. Leanne and Jon attend River Valley Community Church in Grants Pass, where Jon and others lead WOTM evangelism training classes and hold evangelism workshops to train and equip the saints for reaching the lost.

Gerry Collins – Bakersfield, CA

I was not brought up in a Christian home and was influenced for the Gospel by other family members attending church where the Gospel was proclaimed. I made a profession of faith at around 14 years of age but soon that profession was placed on the back burner during my teen years. While in the Air Force as firefighter at age 20 God had me surrounded by Christians who shared the truth with me and this is the point where I truly believe God saved me and changed my heart for Him. AT around 2003 the Lord caused me through His word to fall in love with the Gospel all over again and gave me a hunger to share Christ with the lost more than I ever had before. I have been greatly encouraged in faith and desire to share Christ by the ministry of Livingwaters/Way of the Master. I have attended Ambassadors Academy which has opened up for me to participate in street evangelism. I am married wonderful woman and have 5 grown children. My desire is share the Gospel with as many people as possible as God allows.

Matt De Jesus – Glendale, Arizona

I was introduced to the Gospel message at 10 years of age. I went forward at my church, made a profession of faith, and was baptized- not fully understanding what I was doing. My road of sanctification, like many of you can relate, has been a rocky one. As I grew to became an adult I learned intimately what God meant when He had Malachi refer to Him as “a refinerʼs fire…” (Mal 3:2) as well as the passage in Proverbs that tells us He disciplines those He loves (Prov 3:12). God was purifying me by ripping the sin, which I was clutching to so tightly, out of my hands. No discipline at the time is pleasurable, but needed. Needed to become a useful vessel that would honor God, not bringing a reproach to His name. This is an ongoing process until Glory. After years of watching “On The Box” and “Wretched” I had the opportunity to meet Tony Miano. I helped him with several videos and I learned quite a bit about street evangelism. I was so inspired that I had to open my mouth as well to proclaim the Gospel. Iʼm now heading up a
street evangelism team at my church and training others to do the same.
Iʼve been married to a blessing of a wife, Roxanne, for 4 years now. I have 3 children ages 29, 19, and 17. The Lordʼs providence is constantly amazing me in how Heʼs working in my marriage and with my children.
God has also blessed me with a video production business that Iʼve owned for the past 30 plus years. I produce national and regional commercials, corporate and marketing videos as well as independent feature films. I have also produced several videos for Tony Mianoʼs Cross Encounters Ministries as well as Apologia Church and others. Recently I started a faith-base division of my company called Sovereign Grace Media. It exists to bring the Gospel to a lost and dying world and to train those in the church through all forms of media.

Rick Garland – Bakersfield, CA

My name is Rick Garland. I married my wife Amy in 2013 and we care for 2 foster children. I have been open air preaching since 2012.

In 2016 my church commissioned me as a missionary to minister on the streets as well as the prisons of California. My ministry is Lighthouse Gospel Ministries and my website is www.gospelbeacon.org.

In the prisons I preach Bible study and evangelistic chapels, provide Bible’s and Christian books for inmates as well as disciple men in Christian living.

Larry Sullivan – Tuscaloosa, AL__________________________________________________

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