For: Michigan Football Weekend: The 2016 Michigan Football evangelism outing was another great experience. The night before was filled with the blessing of fellowship for everyone that was going to participate. This time with kindred spirits is always a highlight in my view. Everyone gathered a Jason Bradshaw’s house to prepare for the upcoming work in the morning. The morning started with a wonderful time of seeking the Lord. I say wonderful because I love praying with people where the thoughts on my heart leap into the words of others with the same desire – before I even open my mouth! After prayer, we went downstairs for a hot breakfast prepared for the evangelists by some of the faithful at the hosting church. The time was concluded by teaching from Pastor Bob Moore on a right response to the privilege of carrying forth the great commission, namely humility in the messenger. Day one was Michigan football hosting Indiana. We had a little over a dozen men divided into two teams. The weather was colder than it had been for some time and we got a windy day with patches of rain/snow. Grace was abounding, as always, because it wasn’t really a wet event overall. Many seeds were planted and I was thankful that God’s word will accomplish everything He intends. The streams of people were overflowing as game-time approached. We were sadden at the vast percentage of souls that we enslaved to the hurtful effects of alcohol. Our team didn’t really have any outrageous acts towards the preachers or tract-givers, which was nice. The night concluded with an exquisite dinner by Jason’s wife Kelly. As the hour got late, we joked with the always funny, “Some people love sleep, some love Jesus.” line. I stayed up later than I planned but iron sharpening iron is just too great to miss. Day two was the Detroit Lions vs. Jacksonville Jaguars. No special breakfast or teaching this day. Just prayer then laboring. Not as many people were able to attend the second day but the cold wind was certainly here to remind us that it’s going to be in attendance. For such a cold morning, there were lots of fans pouring in. Having a dome will help the fan-base for sure. I could not help smiling during my preaching because I was so happy to be with preachers that spoke lovingly the truth that kills. The joy was pouring out of me so much that I hope it didn’t confuse people, haha. The day concluded with our Canadian brothers heading out for home and another year of memories. Looking forward to next year! Ivan Town
Ivan Town
For: Michigan Football Weekend '16 The Michigan weekend exceeded my expectations! The Lord was very gracious to us. He kept us safe, gave us favor with law enforcement, and blessed us with great fellowship! It was great getting to know the new guys like Steve and Jordan from Canada. Of course it was also great to see familiar faces:) One of the goals of this weekend was to really embrace fellowship. Having both dinners at the house really allowed us to spend more time getting know everyone. The men seemed to really want to serve the Lord. The Lord answered our prayer for unity. There was no division and all of the men seem to have the same goal - To preach the Gospel!. It was great listening to the guys preach as well as learning from them. I really enjoyed our late night discussions with Kevin, Rubin, and Ivan. Also, I wanted to mention what a blessing it was to get a John Shelton and Gary Scott breakfast while Pastor Moore preached on Matthew 28. Pastor Moore's message on humility set the tone as we took the streets to herald the good news of the Gospel! I pray that the seeds that were planted on Saturday and Sunday will bear good fruit! Looking forward to another opportunity to labor with these men! All glory to King Jesus! Jason Bradshaw
Jason Bradshaw
Kentucky Derby '16: "I really enjoyed the Kentucky Derby Outreach! The trip pushed me out of my comfort zone and I had to rely on God for many things like energy and focus in a distracting and spiritually dark environment. God really came through for my boyfriend Joshua and I by providing opportunities to talk with and pray with people attending the derby. I was reminded how we can't always see God working in the lives of people before they come to Jesus, although He is working. I feel like I came away from the outreach with more conviction to share Christ with those around me and more compassion for lost people. Joshua, as well as the rest of the group involved in the outreach, were very encouraging and supportive throughout the weekend. Also, I appreciated that our team started each morning with a time of prayer, which helped me to mentally prepare for the day by focusing on God." Rachael Adolphs
Rachel Adolphs
Kentucky Derby '16: "This was my first Kentucky Derby Outreach and an enjoyable one nonetheless. Bill Adams did a great job of planning and organizing this event, and it was encouraging to have so many Believers gathered from all across the US to share Jesus together. The weather was perfect for ministry, and I was pleased to be joined on this trip with my girlfriend Rachael Adolphs who was a tremendous support all-around. Together, we were able to have several good conversations, as well as pray with quite a few people who had various needs and present the Gospel in the prayer. One conversation that stood out to me in particular, was when Rachael and I decided to take a break and get some dinner at a restaurant nearby, a young college student approached us asking if he could borrow a phone charger. I asked him if he needed prayer for anything. After he shared, that led him to ask us what religion we were, and further questions about what we believed and Christianity. I ended up getting his phone number, and we have continued conversations since the Derby outreach. One of many things I learned on this trip, was that I can truly share Jesus ANYWHERE, and it doesn't always have to be at a designated place, or time. Praise God from whom all blessings flow!" Joshua Richards
Joshua Richards
Coca-Cola 600/Speed Street: We were doing the Father's business last weekend at Speed Street in Charlotte, the event before the NASCAR Coca-Cola 600 (Memorial Weekend 2016)! I thank the Lord that he brought the group of brothers together so we could stand alongside one another as God led us into the heart of Charlotte's downtown to speak the name and gospel of Jesus Christ to many souls. With Bill Adam's encouragement and firm urging to read the Scriptures for the public's ears (thankful for his brotherly love), the Lord opened up me and my mouth to street preach for the first time! This was a special time to be reading and opening the Word of God to needy people. Bill gave me an ear and was my crowd, and his smile and nodding eased my uncomfortable nerves. Thank you, Bill! The next day Tommy provided the same kind of companionship to help me when I went for it again. The kind of love and support these 2 brothers gave was the overall encouraging spirit that we shared over the weekend--the fellowship was sweet. On my first day witnessing, I asked a man if he wanted a tract as he waited at a crosswalk. He said no, and asked me what I would tell him since he had lost a close relative to cancer. Then he followed up with "I don't want you to answer. I just want you to think about it." I sat there thinking about how I would respond, and because I was at a loss, I prayed about how I would answer the personal question that this man had posed from his true life. Although he repeated that he didn't want an answer, I told him my advice would be to pray about his situation. Then as the pedestrians began to move, I told him that I would pray for him. A week later this very day the Lord's reminded me to pray for him. I pray now to Him who is the Father:
Stephen Morris
Kentucky Derby '16: To the Glory of His Name, Jesus Christ our Lord. It really has been encouraging to me, so much so that I’m making efforts to clear my calendar, to continue serving with this ministry outreach. To work alongside so many fellow evangelist from all over the country, who share a zeal for reaching out to the lost through the open preaching of God’s word, has been tremendously encouraging to me. Sometimes it’s hard in our fellowships back home to find others who are willing to labor with us in these endeavors. So for me serving at these events has been quite invigorating. The teaching that Bill Adams sets up has been top tier and beneficial for use and I pray that will continue even as the sufficiency of Scripture is being challenged more and more every day. The prayer before we go out and the fellowship that occurs when we are debriefing on the events of the day demonstrate a genuine desire among those present to grow in the grace and the knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ in their submitting to one another in love. If you believe you are gifted in evangelism I can think of no better school, than what I have witnessed here. One where not only do you learn but you do. This by far had exceeded any conference I have ever attended in equipping the Saints for the ministry. May God continue to grow us all, God bless Dan Davis
Dan Davis
It was my first Super Bowl Outreach and it was a real privilege to share the Gospel alongside so many of my brothers and sisters in Christ who love the Lord Jesus Christ so much. I'm already praying about attending next year's outreach. To God be the glory, great things He has done. This is an amazing opportunity to share the Gospel. God bless you all. I continue to pray for the work of SFOI.
Tim Heaton
My first Super Bowl Outreach was amazing. I was able to meet and learn from wonderful brothers and sisters, was personally encouraged in our times of morning prayer/singing, received great preaching/teaching which caused me to worship and be drawn to Christ all the more, and lastly I was able to share the hope that lies within me, namely Jesus, who I cast my life upon. I pray and hope SBO 2016 was the first of many for me! Darryl Bradford Jr. Framed By Grace Films
Darryl Bradford
Rugby World Cup '15: I was very blessed and thankful to be part of this trip to share the Gospel in England during the Rugby World Cup Championship 2015. There were many great memories of our time sharing the Gospel to the thousands who attended the games but one memory that stands out was at Wembly Park Stadium.  As the crowds became more concentrated with the fans walking to the stadium the authorities had to block the crowds to allow for cross vehicle traffic. This pause in the flow of people would make the crowd pass completely as I was able to proclaim the Gospel, then I would stop preaching momentarily as the crowd built to maybe 500 people or more, then I was able to face the crowd and proclaim Christ to the masses. If I remember correctly I was proclaiming from Romans 4: 8 “Blessed is the man whose sin the Lord will not take into account” This is a memory I will never forget and a wonderful opportunity for so many to hear the Gospel proclaimed at the same time. Our trip was organized and planned by Bill Adams from Sport Fan Outreach and was very organized and kept on focus. I really enjoyed and benefited from the devotionals with local pastors and church leaders. I was encouraged to press on in evangelism and the ministry God has equipped me to do.  Several of the speakers spoke from II Corinthians 4, one spoke from verses 1 through 6 and the other from 7 through 12 which I was told was not planned.  We were instructed that we will get bit when doing evangelism based on Matthew 10:17, this was further emphasized when II Corinthians 4:7-12 was expounded upon.  I had previously not understood well what it meant (10) “always carrying about in the body the dying of Jesus, so that the life of Jesus also may be manifested in our body.” As the apostle Paul says verse 12 “So death works in us, but life in you.” This encouraged me in evangelism to not be looking to some kind life without hardship type existence in this life but rather, to press on in ministry in spite of hardship and difficulties in this life.  I was overall greatly encouraged through conversation with Bill Adams and others on the team that God has given a ministry for me to do. It is my prayer to do more evangelism in my local area and to help others also in evangelism where I live here in Bakersfield Ca. I believe the Lord used this trip to enable me to more serve Christ in my area where God has placed me. The trip was truly a mission for God and His Gospel to which we were privileged proclaim in England and Wales.
Gerry Collins
RWC 15: It is a tall order to give one of the most memorable events during our 2 weeks in the UK for the International Rugby World Cup Championship 2015.  There was something very special about this ministry trip, how God opened opportunities for the presentation of the Gospel, both on the individual level and to the 10's of thousands as we stood amongst them.  So I shall choose one for space and time sake.  In the city of Cardiff, Whales just up the street from the stadium, thousands of people gathered for party time before entering to watch the game.  As I was preaching the Good News, there stood the beer drinking crowds having a wonderful time.  Suddenly, within the massive crowd, two groups of people with beer in hands just stood there, staring and listening intently, eyes fixed, as if every word was reaching them. I couldn't miss them and their expressions.  Surely God was doing something special amongst them, this certainly was not the norm.  As I made eye contact with a number of them, there was no sense of hostility, anger or mocking, only a look of sincere concern by what they heard.  The Word of God and the Spirit of God had their attention. So many more conversations and preaching took place, may God bring forth much fruit to those souls who heard and listened.  A special thank you to all of the men on our team, you're all very special, and to Bill Adams for doing such a wonderful job in setting up this mission trip. It was outstanding!
Skip Purdy
Through much prayer I felt lead to join Sports Fan Outreach International for the Final Four 2016 Outreach in Houston Texas. It was Sunday April 3 our team was working in front of the George R. Brown convention center as the crowd began to build for the concerts in the Discovery Green park in downtown. There were no games scheduled for the Final Four Basketball Championship but big crowds were expected for the concerts. It was early in the afternoon and people were, for the most part, tolerant to the preaching of the Word of GOD and somewhat receptive to receiving Gospel tracts.While passing out Gospel tracts I looked up and saw a young African American man coming my way. He had the dress and appearance of being a local resident just strolling through the area. As he approached I looked him in the eyes, smiled, flipped the Gospel tract out in front of him, and said, "For you sir." The young man grabbed the tract and stopped right next to me. He began to read the tract silently and I continued to distribute tracts to those passing by. He tapped me on the shoulder, pointed to the question inside of the tract which read, "If you were to die today do you know for sure that you would go to Heaven?" He looked me in the eyes and said, "I don't know the answer to that question." I asked if I could share with him what the Bible said and he agreed to it so I pulled out my Evangecube and commenced to sharing the Gospel with him.He told me his name was Mac and he listened intently as I shared, nothing seemed to distract him. As I closed my presentation I showed Mac a prayer of repentance and faith and I simply asked him to read it, I did not tell him to pray it. Then I began to discuss with Mac that prayer was talking to GOD with sincerity of heart and he blurted out, "I prayed that prayer." My first question was, "Mac when did you pray that prayer?" He responded, "Just now." Next I asked," Since you prayed that prayed that prayer, where does JESUS live right now?" When Mac responded with, "He lives in Heaven" I knew either I had not explained the Gospel at a level where he could understand it or he had come to GOD insincerely. So I asked if I could pray for him and he agreed. I my prayer I asked GOD to open his eyes to the truth. After the amen I began to discuss that when one is sincere then there will be a change in their life and quoted 2 Corinthians 5:17 "Therefore if any man be in CHRIST, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new." Almost immediately Mac's eyes swelled with tears and began to bulge in his eye sockets. I looked into his eyes and said, " you know the truth." He blurted out, "I gotta go" he turned and took off dashing up the street. I was a powerful reminder of two important truths. 1) Only GOD can open the eyes of the Spiritually blind. 2) Blind eyes are opened when the Body of CHRIST prays. Written by: Evangelist Mark Yoho of the Fourth Watch Evangelistic Ministry
Mark Yoho
I was so blessed by this year’s Super Bowl Outreach in San Francisco. I loved every member of the team I was on. I still have a lot to learn about being a team leader, but I had the best team I could have been blessed with. They demonstrated such humble desire to seek those that were lost and give them the truth they needed. I already am longing for the next time I will be blessed to see them all again. Just to start the encouragement now, anyone who wants to be part of next year’s Super Bowl Outreach, start praying about going to Houston next year. ‪You will never regret it.
Brad Snow
I sincerely enjoyed being a part of the SBO and every aspect of it. This was my first Super Bowl Outreach, and my first time to California and needless to say this was life-changing! I was astounded by the culture; seeing homeless everywhere sleeping on the streets, and more trolleys than bicycles. The outreach was fantastic, the teaching was great, the lodging and meals were great, and my favorite part was the time to fellowship with other Saints from all across the US, as well as getting to have an hour’s time to pray and spend time in worship. I also really felt like I learned a lot about myself. People like Michael Coughlin and Scott Smith gave very useful and practical advice for ways to better share my faith, and everyone offered me some form of encouragement and exhortation that really makes me want to be a part of future SFOI events. Thanks so much for planning and organizing this event and all the behind the scenes details. Lord willing at least one person will have trusted in Christ as Savior as a result of the power of the Gospel.
Joshua Richards
I know first hand how being a part of these outreaches can grow, strengthen, and equip even seasoned evangelists. I’ve seen men and women come to one of these outreaches for their very first time taking a step out of their area of comfort and leaving more confident, courageous and encouraged. I highly recommend it to anyone with a desire to reach the lost.
Ken Hisle
This Super Bowl Outreach was my first, and I definitely hope to come back. Although the weekend was busy and exhausting, it was totally worth it. I believe our efforts brought glory to God, and I believe that the Gospel was effectively preached to many. The fellowship was great, and I learned much and was very encouraged by older brothers at the Outreach. It was also a great experience for my younger 16 year-old cousin who attended; I believe I saw growth in him because of all that he experienced. I pray that God would continue to bring glory to Himself and that He would use the seeds we planted to save many lost souls.
Saad Bunny
Thank you Brother ever since this last SBO I’ve never been more passionate for evangelism in this situation the than ever before praise the Lord for fellowship and body of believers that stir one another for love and Good works !!!
Albert Gomez
This was my 3rd SBO and I was blessed again so much by joining over 90 brothers and sisters who love the lord, love each other, and love the lost! If we only got together to proclaim Christ it would be enough. Yet, we get to have awesome fellowship with brothers and sisters who we rarely see and get to meet new people too! I always especially appreciate that Bill goes over and above expectations to get top notch Godly men who teach us in depth Bible truths every time at SBO. Every SBO is like a Bible conference and evangelism outreach in one! I can’t say how much I appreciate SBO and SFOI as a whole. God has truly blessed me! I look forward to further ministry in the future should the Lord allow. God bless and thanks for everything!
Mason Goodknight
Founder / CORE Ministries
This was my second trip with SFOI and Bill Adams and it was just as great as the first. I’ve now been on a trip with 100 preachers and a trip with 7, and both events were handled and set-up professionally and in a way that maximally glorifies Christ. One thing that strikes me about Bill and his trips is the preparation involved. This man has done his homework. The trips are highly organized. You can tell Bill spent time preparing for them. You can also tell that Bill spent time in the business world at some earlier time in his life and he’s now using those gifts for the Lord. There’s nothing done haphazardly on these trips. This is great because it means that the Lord is going to be glorified all the more. A lot of trips (especially when there are 100 people involved) turn out to be dysfunctional and sloppy. Other trips turn out to have a lot of preaching and no fellowship or a lot of fellowship and preaching but no theological training/learning. Not with SFOI. Bill makes sure we have ample time to preach, fellowship, and learn from excellent and qualified teachers. This is why I sincerely believe SFOI is the best ministry in the country for open-air preachers. You get a combination of everything important for the man called to preach. And best of all, on both trips there have been zealous, sincere hours spent in corporate prayer. So after we go out and war together on the streets, we come back and war together in the spirit. Praise the Lord for SFOI.
Ryan Denton
Sports Fan Outreach is a joy. The Saints you meet who love the Lord and want to preach Him to world and the souls who hear the Word and believe make the work of the ministry a delight. As the Lord taught me over 20 years ago when you go into the highways and hedges to preach the Gospel the Scriptures come alive right before your eyes. Mockers, scoffers, sinners and Saints all come to life when the Word is proclaimed. To me the truth of God's Word is most real in these times of ministry. Preaching in the open air has deepened my faith and understanding of the Lord or as the Bible says it I've "grown in the grace and knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ". I highly encourage anyone who believes they are called or have a high level of evangelistic passion to join us at an event. Read the other testimonials for evidence of the fruitfulness of participating with Sports Fan Outreach. Grace & peace, Bill Adams 866-646-5683 #1
Bill Adams